The Weekend

I’m still pretty much zoning out on the odd day, my body is still dragging it’s self back to U.K. time.  The kids on the other hand and here in body and spirit.

Last year we had a bit of grief with Logan being a bit of an ” emo Kid” as she put it, so after talking to her, banging my head against a brick wall, talking to her, threatening to hide modem for the computer, and letting her work some things out we are starting to come out the other side. 

This weekend she went to an old friends house and hung out came home on Sunday in time to go to shooting with Erik then they went out for dinner,it is so nice to have the old Logan back.

Erik is doing all the Work for Duke of Edinburgh even though he is to young to really participate, that’s were the shooting comes in.  I don’t normally send my kids out with a shotgun and say

 ” Go for it, what can you hit”.

But Erik is really good at it, surprisingly,freakishly good at it.

It is harder to find the volunteer work side of it as most places wont do it till the child is at least 14.

But Logan will be doing it though, I don’t know what  or where but I will be finding her volunteer work if it kills me.

Riley had a very quiet weekend, which was odd as he is normally the social butterfly and we have to track him down.  this weekend I only had to walk upstairs talk to him.

As for the grown ups in the house??

We did nothing, our big excitement was walking over to the shop to get the paper. I have been knitting a cardie from

I love how most of Stephanie Japels patterns are top down raglans, so the front back and sleeves are all done at the same time till you get to the underarm, you can see and try on what you knit along the way.  I really want to find a child’s pattern the same so I can try it out on Will.

Will, by the way, is walking around the house wearing nothing but a Dorothy the dinosaur tail.


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