A trip to the Dentist.

Last week the kids had a check up at the dentist, not surprisingly Erik needed a filling, Erik’s asthma medication strips the enamel off his teeth.  What was surprising was that Logan needed a filling, not just one of those little white ones for a little bit of a hole, she needed a filing for a cavity, one that needed to be numbed and drilled and then filled. 

Logan is petrified of needles, the girl that has her belly button, nose and lip pierced is needle phobic, we talked a lot about how the needle was going to hurt, but then it will numb her mouth  and she wont feel the drill, it all seemed OK and she went to the dentist without being dragged.We thought she was going to be fine.

But , no she wasn’t o.k.

We had to almost drag a 5’8″ 15 year old into the dentist, Will was panicking so I had to take him out and leave Logan in their.  Within minutes she was lead out by the assistant, Logan was sobbing. 

I was standing in the middle of the surgery holding my sobbing 15 year old, and I couldn’t remember the last time she needed her mum to hold her and make it better, and I wanted to start crying too.

At 15 years old she has developed a “I’m too cool ” persona, when I ask for a hug I get an awkward embrace and a pat on the back.  I never get the little girl who clings to my shoulder.

When she had slightly calmed down I looked at her and was struck by how young she looked.  Most of her eye make-up was now on me, and she had that puff, red face you get when you cry and  she looked so young.  I know she is young but she is always so dressed up and full of make-up that she doesn’t look her age, people always think she is at least 18, on the plane she kept getting offered wine, while me, the harassed mum got offered coffee.

In a flash she was my little girl again and I have to remember that, even though she acts grown up and is very responsible, she is still a baby.

And then I went and bought her High heels and the spell was broken.  I am back to mainly being needed for my cashcard 


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