London Calling

London calling to the faraway towns

Now that war is declared and battle come down

London calling to the underworld

Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girl

I am sure this war cry was unleashed at the start of the week, this war cry is also known as


What better time to realise your 12 year old really really needs shoes, and you have left their GCSE books somewhere in Australia.  I had this idea of them doing schoolwork while we were visiting friends and family ( ha ha ha what a joke) I think they buried them somewhere deep.

Tuesday we decided to hit Camden as Erik really wanted army boots, I agreed thinking that if they have seen battle, been worn day in day out and are still wearable they should survive the onslaught of a teen boy. 

They would if he hadn’t changed his mind on the way to Camden,

I am convinced  Erik has read a book, secretly, as I have no real proof on how to drive me wild. 

Erik, the reason I went to Camden, took off with Logan and friends to “hang out “and I was now in Camden with no real porpose, Will, who didn’t want to be their, Riley who now has a bit of a Camden phobia, and a million other school kids and tourists.  We had a quick look around jumped on a train and   went into Oxford street to look at Liberty for wool ( for me me me )  and Hamley’s for toys.

Erik came home and couldn’t believe I didn’t buy him any shoes.


Wednesday morning and I was back at Oxford street to replace the GCSE books, I could not get one of the books on the list

How can every book store be out of Macbeth ????

I did get a few graphic novels for the boys, one of which is Macbeth , now I have to go back on Saturday morning to get the ordered books so the kids can get cracking on their work.  Oxford Street was pure madness their were so many gobbing teens, when did spitting become the “done thing”.  After sitting down in a cafe to eat and have coffee Riley, Will and I decided to go visit Mark at work and Erik went home.  We ran some errands for Mark and staggered home at 4pm vowing to not leave the house, or get dressed today.

Well that didn’t work.  Logan shouted at me that we are STILL out of shampoo and conditioner, that seems about right considering I’m the only one that buys what we need and I haven’t done it yet.  I got dressed to go to the local high street only to find out everyone but Will wanted to go, Grrrrrr, I wanted to go on my own, Mark is home and could do child care, just as I was about to leave Will burst into tears because he didn’t want me to go either.  Mind yoou he has hardly said boo to me since then.

Off the older ones went to get toiletries, it only took 3 hysterical phone calls from Logan over which shampoo to get, then another trillion calls ( yes I counted)  from the boys for money/why can’t they have money and:

“there is something really good and it will never been seen in the shops again I NEED the money,”

I gave in and let them get something, then I got the :

” I found something much much better but I need a fiver more”

By this time I am standing with the phone in my hand saying NO NO NO over and over, Will looked at Mark and said

” She says NO NO NO a lot daddy doesn’t she”

After that I told Mark I am not able to come to the phone anymore. 

Apart from that it was a lovely morning, till Erik came in shouting


And I am back to shoe shopping


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