What’s going on here and goodbye co-sleeping

The kids are still in Holiday mode, I can’t get anyone to do anything.

All the boys will do is xbox, I can’t even grasp some far out concept of how this is educational, I might of come up with some imaginary argument a few years ago now it is old and boring.

I can only get Logan to read at her leisure.  This is great,but, her and Erik have a list a mile long of catch up work for GCSE’s.  After a mini argument with Logan where I once again got the ” Well when am I going to use this in life” I answered back

” I don’t care if you never use it but I want you to do it, remember it, pass a test on it and get into college, Got it!! ”

She still hasn’t picked up Macbeth though.

I am feeling deflated at the moment and worry that they will aspire to nothing and end up working in McDonald or something worse.

 I need to talk to someone who can say ” yes I feel the same way” but at group no one ever says anything bad it is always rosy.  I wouldn’t put them into school but I need a plan to get them motivated again.

I think this is all stemming from Will and his inability to sleep nice and almost still at the moment. He has never had his own bed and I have happily fed and  him held him to sleep.   He self weaned awhile ago and now I want him to get the hint he needs to sleep in his own bed.

I spend the night with him wrapped around my neck.  That or lying across my belly.

Will is having a great comfy sleep every night, so he tells me every morning.

At least one of us is



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3 responses to “What’s going on here and goodbye co-sleeping

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  2. Deb

    Sometimes it does get all “nobody’s doing anything worthwhile and we need to get motivated” – I think people just don’t want to sound whiny so they don’t talk about it so much. Re the co-sleeping: could you perhaps sleep in Will’s room with him for a couple of weeks?

  3. Will wont even look at his own bed at the moment, the older ones love it because they get an extra bed for their friends to sleep in.

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