It was all about sleep.

Now I know this might sound silly, but we had been “forgetting ” to put Will to bed.  It sound insane but it isn’t.  Will gets into a happy groove at night and plays really well, then all of a sudden we realise it’s 10pm and we have to drag a very grumpy ( because he is so overtired) Will upstairs kicking and screaming.  What a joy, I wont even go into how restless his sleep has been.  This is kind of my excuse so forgive the somewhat weak argument.

Will is the only little boy in the house, so when he plays well we sort of “forget” that he is a little boy that really really needs sleep, and not a teenager that thrives on late nights. Last Friday I was so tired, I made a plan to do a



books and


routine with Will, I warned him bed time was in 5 minutes.  Then he happily went and did all the above. I sat with him in the family bed till he went to sleep. We have been doing it all weekend and so far Will is so much happier and so are we, his night time dancing has settled right down.

The boys have also changed bunk beds so now Erik is on the bottom and Riley is on top.  For some reason this has made Erik sleep much better.  So much better in fact that today he sat with Riley and showed/taught him how to read an analog watch.  Riley has wanted a watch with a face not a digital time for awhile, but no matter what I did he didn’t get it.  Today after a few minutes it finally clicked and he has been happily announcing the time every 15-20 minutes since then. 

Life is great when it all comes together.

Oh and on the weekend we went to Trafalgar square to see the Diwali celebrations but that’s for another post



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3 responses to “It was all about sleep.

  1. we end up like that with our girls too.
    a routine does help doesn’t it 🙂 Naomi said “I don’t like having a routine mum, i don’t see as much of you.”

  2. Will is ( at the moment) loving the routine. So are we we are actually getting time to ourselves its great.

  3. Doesn’t sound at all crazy to me. We did find it could happen all too easily! Lani, however, gets physically sick after two consecutive late nights and so we have had to be quite routine about it. Now I sort of thrive on getting my guys into bed for 8pm (well, Jon does it now!) and having quiet in the evening. I found myself better tempered when I get that bit of time to myself, despite missing the fun that could happen late at night!

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