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Author Unknown

I am unused, unspotted, without blemish,
I stretch before you three hundred
And sixty-five days long.
I will present each day
In its turn, a new leaf
In the book of life
For you to place upon
It your imprint


Each hour of every day, I will
Give you sixty minutes that
Have never known the use of man.
White and pure I present them;
It remains for you to fill them
With sixty jeweled seconds of
Love, hope, endeavor, patience
And trust in God.

I am coming — But once past, I can
Never be recalled, Make me your best!



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it’s been ages

Well we moved a month ago now, and I’m still waiting for the Internet.  it’s done through Marks work so between them and BT who knows how long it will take.

We have all settled in nicely, Will even started sleeping in his own bed occasionally, we tried bribery to get him to stay there but it was a  failure. 

I said to Will if he slept in his bed all night I would get him a toy in the morning. 

He lasted 1 hour.

Mark jumped in Will’s bed to have a bit of space instead.  In the morning Will asked if he would still get a toy.  I told him no because he didn’t sleep in his own bed, his answer was

” Well does dad get a toy because he slept in my bed all night?? if he does can you make him share”

Bribery didn’t work, now we are just letting it go, i put him in there and if he lasts an hour great, if ( as he has done 3 WHOLE times) he lasts the night I reward him with an extra long snuggle time in the morning , and we read till we are bursting for the toilet and food.

The other exciting things is our dog.  I got a dog for me the family, she is a springer spaniel x border collie and as of today is 10 1/2 weeks old.  when the Internet is up I will post photos. 

that’s it I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year


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