Monthly Archives: September 2008

Still Here

Yes we are still here, just very busy, the kids have joined a million home ed groups………..OK not  a million but too many for me to keep up with.  We have been camping over summer, including HESFES, and trying to relax.  I have a part time job now so between the kids, study, dog and work I am bushed.  I have been using my spare time more productively than before, now I clean and cook dinner, spare time is very over-rated after all.

Will has started to talk like a teenager, hmmm sarcasm on a 5 year old is cute but should NOT be laughed at.

Logan has started to learn the keyboard.  She seems to really be into it, and how can I complain when it get her of the computer for an hour.

Riley had made a heap of new friend and sleeps out alot, he is doing nothing educational at all at the moment, well he occasionally read the free papers on the tube coming back from various friends houses.  So he’s reading at least.

Erik has learned some good life leasons over the summer, some have made him rude, some, cynical, and a tiny bit made him realise that he is still a kid.  This doesn’t mean he has become a wonderfully charming teenager, but he is starting to talk to me more which is good.



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