The tribe

101_1913.jpgThis Is me, Mardi, I’m the one that decided to pull my children out of full time school and embark on a journey that changes our lives everyday. 

I decided to move from Australia to England with 3 ( at the time ) Children, and Home educate them.

Over the years 3 children became 4 children and we settled down in our new home.  We have gone from a curriculum to child lead learning.  As a family we have learned a lot together, as a mother I have learned more than I could have ever imagined.

100_6556.jpg Logan is 15 and one of the reasons I decided to Home Educate.  Logan was reading at a very young age and school was holding her back, that plus the bullying but I won’t get into that.   Home Ed was the best thing for Logan, it has allowed her to explore and choose what she does.  At one stage I think she spent a  year or 2 holed up in her bedroom reading, the majority were books about Historical  Women from around the world ( and there were some sweet valley high books in that lot I’m sure )  Now she likes to read about other teens.

Her other new interest is filming and editing she loads it onto her website for her friends to see. Oh and taking photos of herself for her Myspace page.

image010.jpg This is Erik or Ed as Will christened him and he is 12.  Erik is a different kettle of fish.  he started school and couldn’t read, after being told by his teacher he had severe dyslexia and would never be able to read beyond a 6th grade level he gave up trying, this was when he was 5 years old  folks not 15 or 18 but 5.  He started to fall asleep in class and to not even try. After I took him out of school i saw a new fun side of Ed, that plus a few years of no pressure, but he realised he could read. Now, that doesn’t mean he  doesn’t struggle or that he discovered a love of reading, but he knows he can do it now.  He still talks about the teacher telling him he would not be able to read.  He loves Maths and we have a BIG text book that he loves working from( yes I said Loves). His other love is ancient Egypt and we went thru a stage where he would only communicate with Hieroglyphics that was fun but a bit stressful trying to work out words/pictures because Ed liked to hide the book to see what We had remembered.


At the moment Erik is resisting all attempts to do anything at all, which is driving us all crazy as he is bored.

Do not say he should be set to school to cure his boredom or you will be bombarded with spam.

picture-027.jpg This is Riley who’s 11, and up till recently he was the cruisiest kid you could ever meet, everything was taken in his stride, whatever you asked he would do with a smile on his face, he learnt to read around 7-8 years old it wasn’t a struggle more a gradual process, He only learnt so he could look up cheats for xbox games on the computer, that and star wars comics.  He is loved by everyone that comes into contact with him.

Hobbies is a hard one as up to recently he was really into War Hammer and now he is floating about with all this War Hammer stuff collecting dust.  he has developed a thirst for Latin and Roman  ruins lately but by the time I print off the information he has moved onto something else and forgot he even asked for it.

All of them have had an interest in History, all have been interested in different periods and I often wonder why they gravitate to one period and not another.  Is it because they are an old soul and that was something they remember in the closed off corners of their brain, or is it more of an attempt to show an interest in something their sibling like but don’t want to be the same as them.

image018.jpg And this is the reason I will continue Home Ed for many years to come.  Will is 4 and the product of Marrying an Englishman.  He is no where near ready for nursery ( kinder for my Australian friends) he likes Lego, wearing Pajamas, and the dog on the Churchill add ( ooohhhhhh yes with a head wobble) I don’t worry about socialising as he has friends, he talks to adults well, and  can write his name upside down, write some numbers and likes to drawn people.  I love to sit and talk to him as he comes out with great things.  He is definitely an old soul he just know “stuff”. 

001_13691.jpgThis is Mark , the love of my life.  I met Mark when I came to England on holiday, within no time at all me and the kids were firmly entrenched in his life and added Will.  He believes in me and supports me in the way we raise our family.  Don’t get me wrong we still argue and worry about what we do, but then we walk out the door and see kids smoking swearing, roaming the streets and abusing passers-by and we know we have done the right thing. 


3 responses to “The tribe

  1. what a lovelydescription of you all :o)
    your last sentence sums up how we feel too.

  2. Everyone knows us in our area, but for all the right reasons, eg
    Well behaved children that know how to use manners on a regular basis.

  3. you just jolted me into reality with that last sentence, and reminded me what’s really important, rather than worrying about the typical schooly ‘progress’. It sometimes takes a jolt to remind me why what we’re doing is so right. I’ve been having a bit of a wobble … so thanks for that.

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