We have just spent the week end in Calais, what a trip.

We roughly planned on it taking us 3 hours to get to Dover, we left home at 8am so we would be there by the 11:15am check-in. We left on time, that was until Mark realized we forgot the cameras so he trudged back while I went to get Money on my oyster card( something I should have done the day before) by doing this we managed to miss 2 buses, that’s OK we have a bit of time to play with we thought. When we got to the train station there were delays so we stood on the platform for 20 minutes with Mark saying over and over

” we’re F”*&$%, we’re going to miss the boat”

The kids decided to join in a now seriously stressed Mark , so I had the kids and Mark freaking out till I just yelled


What a way to start a holiday. By the time we got to Victoria we had 1 1/2 hours to get to Dover, still thinking whats the problem??

Well the problem is that the train trip to Dover is 2 HOURS, so we had to sit through a train trip filled with anxiety, stress, and frequent trips to the toilet for Will. I think he went 6 times in total. Then Mark pointed out that we still had to get a bus from the train station. By this time I knew we were going to miss the Ferry but as long as we got there we could just wait for the next one. By the time we got to Dover we were all very high strung (except Will who had just found out I left his dressing up costumes at home, he was just very angry)When we saw the greatest sight ever, the Dover Priory bus had just stopped to let someone else on. Our first break YAY, and it seemed like our luck was about to change, when we got to the check in we were almost the last to check in. We jumped on the ferry shuttle bus not even 1 minute before it left.


Now even when things aren’t quite going my way I tend to keep how anxious I am away from the kids, though they might be worried, I keep pointing out that it’ll be o.k. I like them to think positive. With Mark there it is just one great big ball of negativity so the kids looked liked they were about to explode by the time we got on the ferry.

We were the last foot passengers on the bus, but we were actually one of the first on the boat, most people drive on so we got a great seat at the front of the ferry so we could look out and there was an area next to our table for the kids to play around out of everyones way. Mark decided to take the boys for a walk( Logan had by this time put her headphones in and was reading a book pretending she didn’t know us) Riley looked at mark and said

“Remember, don’t let Will fall off the boat”

I didn’t think this needed saying but Riley did. The boat trip was over too soon. we really enjoyed sitting there talking about what we have been doing ( books, game and craft wise, these things I trust them to do on there own) we laughed and told jokes and even fit a bit of history in regarding Calais. It made me realise how fast they are growing and why I enjoy having them around and am proud to be seen with then. People looked at us, now I know it was because there are 6 of us and we are very loud but I also like to think it is because they saw a family having a good time togetherand who love each others company, which is not something you always see. The men behind the bar joked with Mark about how many children we have as it seemed like we were at the bar every 5 minutes( at one stage we were, we got a few things then another child would show u so we would get them a drink then another, etc, etc)

The trip was such a nice way to spend time together. A break takes away the constraints of everyday life and we all relax and enjoy each other in a different way. Suddenly the kids want to go walking together and laugh at things that at home they would just roll there eyes at. Even Will picked up on it an spent alot of time dancing at the front of a restaurant that had no music playing, it was just Will dancing to his own tune. we should have put a hat on the ground for him to see if he could raise some money busking.

All things said it is nice to be home, Logan has gone to a friends for the night and the boys are running around like maniacs pretending to be James Bond. Will is changing outfits at a rate of knots so nothings new there. As i type he is sitting in my pink nighty playing on the x-box. Ah home sweet home.


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  1. We had a parallel sort of experience coming back from Dijon to Dover. We got part of the way down Le Roue Des Englais and realised there were no service stations selling petrol since the last one that we decided not to stop at. We were on empty and had a very long way to go. We thought at least we’ll run out of petrol on the ferry and can get towed off, if we actually get there at all! Then we managed to get on and off and thought we’d run out, surely, before we found the first petrol station in Dover. We were so empty it almost felt like the car floated and I cannot believe it didn’t run on thin air just to keep us faithful. There is no way there is that much petrol in after the light comes on! We drove some 100 miles! Maybe we just saved a LOT coasting down hills!
    It is always worth staying positive, I think!

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