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the week in review

Just looking over some post and realised that there is little schooling being talked about.  I’ll be brief because Will is still sick,

” but trying to be very very brave”

Monday: Erik and Logan did Sociology and English Lit, Logan came home and did some info tech/computer programming work.  Erik played Rune-scape.
Riley did maths reading, made banana muffins and played rune-scape

Tuesday: Riley and Erik went to Latin class then looked at radios, how they work the history of them.  Riley and some friends are looking at trying to do a pod-cast.  Logan read and read and sat at the computer and mucked around with her teach yourself Finnish disc.

Wednesday:  All did maths and reading, looked at puppy care on the Internet, played Sims

Thursday:  Took Erik to the orthodontist to see if he is ready for braces, no so have to go back next year.them went to club where they are doing ballroom dancing.  It was Logan’s Birthday today so she went out with friends to shop.

Friday:  Not a thing Will was really sick and I have got to try and pack, because we are moving in 2 weeks.  Got one box done and we just sat around chatting, was quite fun really.

so that’s it nothing major just a slow paced life.


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