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No Schooling going on here

The boys have had friends stay for the past 2 nights,  Tuesday to Wednesday it was fairly peaceful. We all carved pumpkins to put out so the neighbours knew treats were to be had at our house. Sweets were stacked high in the container, then hidden from the monsters, zombies and skeletons in my house. The excitement of Halloween hit around 5pm when it started getting dark.

There was a lovely feel as we went out to decorate the house, 2 of the neighbours were doing the same so we shouted chatted across the shrubs to each other and all the homeward bound parents knowing we would be seeing them and their children later in the night.  After donning appropriate gear all 5 children were off with me in front with Will.  And what a haul.  The boys 2 friends don’t do Halloween in their area because it’s  a bit too rough so they really had a great time, and the beauty of it was that by 8pm it was all over.  We had been given and handed out lollies for only a few hours, when the last trickle of trick or treader’s came by at 8:30pm we had run out, luckily we had plenty of the kids haul so they gave a few of there lollies to them.

Then the fun began, we had 4 kids on a sugar high.  Will was too tired for the sugar to make any difference so he went up to bed.  I walked in and I was faced with 4 people standing on the arms of the couch, One look and Erik and Riley jumped down looked at their friends and said, “we’re not aloud to stand on the couch” I had the brain wave to get help in getting the bedding down so they could all sleep in the lounge and keep upstairs relatively quiet for Will and I to go to bed.  What followed was 1 hour of mattress sledding, We turned a blind eye to it till Riley went head first into the wall.

Hospital was averted with an ice pack and some arnica.

I asked them if they wanted to watch “Shaun of the Dead” it’s more funny and gross than scary.  They chose a cartoon of a current movie and were asleep within an hour!!!

We pictured a night of bouncy hyper people who we would have to tell to be quiet every 10 minutes.  Well Mark would have to, I can sleep through anything, and often do. Mark being a very light sleeper wakes to squirrels on the  roof.

I actually managed to send 2 kids home and be able to say the HAD sleep.



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