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I want a Rock BIG enough to hide under

The week has just gone from Bad to worse.  Will is still sick ( coughing all night and sooking, whinging clinging all day)

Riley has taken up vomiting in his sleep.

The washing machine got fixed ( thanks to the repair man who charged £58)  But Riley’s spew fest is filling it faster than I can empty it.  this morning Mark did What I have wanted to do all week, he threw the towel covered in vomit out, YAY.  He looked at it and just said it can go.  I have felt like that ALL week, I still have to wash and dry all the sheets, doona, pillows and clothes.  But the horrible towel went and for a moment I saw a little bit of  sun shinning through the clouds.

Erik saw I was a wee bit happier and went in for the kill, he couldn’t go to Army cadets last night or St Johns tonight so he has been a real nightmare.  The last straw came when he just kept swearing, all I heard was “Bloody” this and “Bloody” that.  By this point it had been a solid 6 hour hell feast from Erik and I lost it.  Words were said, actions threatened and glares exchanged.  I think he knows he went way way too far, so far in fact that it will take him a compass and a long trek to get anywhere close to where he needs to be.

Riley has spent a majority of the day in tears, thanks to Erik.

Logan has a steam burn on her hand and it is all I have heard about since 9:30am, I put cream on it, bandage it and gave loads of sympathy, by 4pm that was all gone.  i have gone from

“Poor baby”


“Deal with it and move on”

Does that make me a bad parent??

I am counting down the hours till mark gets home so I can go to bed and pull the covers WAY up.  Only because it is too cold to find a rock to crawl under.


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the week in review

Just looking over some post and realised that there is little schooling being talked about.  I’ll be brief because Will is still sick,

” but trying to be very very brave”

Monday: Erik and Logan did Sociology and English Lit, Logan came home and did some info tech/computer programming work.  Erik played Rune-scape.
Riley did maths reading, made banana muffins and played rune-scape

Tuesday: Riley and Erik went to Latin class then looked at radios, how they work the history of them.  Riley and some friends are looking at trying to do a pod-cast.  Logan read and read and sat at the computer and mucked around with her teach yourself Finnish disc.

Wednesday:  All did maths and reading, looked at puppy care on the Internet, played Sims

Thursday:  Took Erik to the orthodontist to see if he is ready for braces, no so have to go back next year.them went to club where they are doing ballroom dancing.  It was Logan’s Birthday today so she went out with friends to shop.

Friday:  Not a thing Will was really sick and I have got to try and pack, because we are moving in 2 weeks.  Got one box done and we just sat around chatting, was quite fun really.

so that’s it nothing major just a slow paced life.

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The case of the missing Hamster

Last summer we got the kids a hamster, I have mentioned it somewhere on this blog before but have no idea how to link back.  At the pet shop the other day the owner told us that they really only live for around 2 years, this has really made the boys think about death, not in the zombie coming to eat your brain way, but in a rel life way, they realised they really really love Hammy and want to make the next 6-12 months very enjoyable for all involved.  This means he gets played with a lot more and they are putting the fat rodent in his hamster ball to run around.  They have started to watch his diet to make sure he gets enough pellets and greens to help prolong his life.  I thought I’d do the right thing and buy him a bigger cage with 2 levels and tunnels to keep him active.  This cage is fantastic, heck if I was a hamster I’d love it there’s a salt lick wood to gnaw on a wheel, not that he ever used the old one, and tunnels to squeeze his fat little body through.  I thought this cage would be so great I got rid of the other one on Freecycle straight away.

Big mistake.

Some how he keeps getting out of the top level and wondering around the house.  Last night we were laying in bed and Riley said he thought he saw Hammy, we didn’t really listen because we were upstairs and likened that to climbing Everest for the hamster.  How wrong were we He was in our room.  Rye caught him and put him in his cage.  This morning he was gone.  I know he’s around because he has nibbled on a bag full of clothes for the Charity shop.

The rest of our lives have been a bit blah this week.  Us bigger people have chest infections and Will is Borderline croup at the moment so any  learning other that reading has taken a back seat.

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