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Catch UP

Thursday morning after Halloween the boys went to play in the forest behind our house.  I wasn’t too fussed as they do this all the time.  This time however,  Riley came back with one friend and was crying, saying his eyes stung.  I put a cloth on his face, took it off after a few minutes and he was like a beetroot.  After trying in vain to get any details at all about how this could have happend,  I remembered something very important.

Erik and friend No 2 were not home.

So now I was trying to work out what was going on with Riley’s face and eyes, find something to give him to take the pain/swelling away, try to keep Will and Riley calm and look for Erik and friend No 2.  They had been playing hide and seek in the Forest when Riley’s face started burning and puffing up. 

Mark ( the voice of reason) said it must be some sort of reaction ( durrr) but he had anti-histamines up stairs, Gave Riley one and he started to settle after 10 minutes, But I still had no Erik and friend. Will refused to go to the forest to look for them so a drugged sleepy  Riley and friend No 1 said they would go look for them, by this time they had been there for 1 1/2 hours.

Erik had decided enough was enough and they were making their way home. 

Erik took the 2 friends to club so Riley could stay home and sleep the tablet off.  It was a quiet day, Erik was at club, Logan was still at her friends Riley slept, Will just bounced about like he does. 

The weekend flew by and we are back to Tuesday and have started some resemblance of schooling.  Logan and Erik started on their GCSE subjects ( English Lit, Macbeth, and Sociology) today they did Latin and Riley is doing a radio history and attempting to make a Home ed pod-cast.  Tomorrow we will be doing their Saxon maths, reading our new book for book club and some sociology/Macbeth work.  I will also attempt to get Will to sit down for 5 minutes without a digital camera in his hand or printing something from the computer  I am not fussy what he does  it could be a puzzle, game, drawing, even writing his name over and over again.  I just really need him to stop bouncing and printing. 

At the moment if you ask him to do anything he answers;

Can I print it??

If I ask him to come to me I get

” Can’t, printing”

At first it was funny but we have what feels like 500 pictures of most cbeebie characters floating around the house.

For anyone that is interested I am busy reading “Sense and Sensibility” to escape from my chaotic household


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