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I want a Rock BIG enough to hide under

The week has just gone from Bad to worse.  Will is still sick ( coughing all night and sooking, whinging clinging all day)

Riley has taken up vomiting in his sleep.

The washing machine got fixed ( thanks to the repair man who charged £58)  But Riley’s spew fest is filling it faster than I can empty it.  this morning Mark did What I have wanted to do all week, he threw the towel covered in vomit out, YAY.  He looked at it and just said it can go.  I have felt like that ALL week, I still have to wash and dry all the sheets, doona, pillows and clothes.  But the horrible towel went and for a moment I saw a little bit of  sun shinning through the clouds.

Erik saw I was a wee bit happier and went in for the kill, he couldn’t go to Army cadets last night or St Johns tonight so he has been a real nightmare.  The last straw came when he just kept swearing, all I heard was “Bloody” this and “Bloody” that.  By this point it had been a solid 6 hour hell feast from Erik and I lost it.  Words were said, actions threatened and glares exchanged.  I think he knows he went way way too far, so far in fact that it will take him a compass and a long trek to get anywhere close to where he needs to be.

Riley has spent a majority of the day in tears, thanks to Erik.

Logan has a steam burn on her hand and it is all I have heard about since 9:30am, I put cream on it, bandage it and gave loads of sympathy, by 4pm that was all gone.  i have gone from

“Poor baby”


“Deal with it and move on”

Does that make me a bad parent??

I am counting down the hours till mark gets home so I can go to bed and pull the covers WAY up.  Only because it is too cold to find a rock to crawl under.


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